[Snort-devel] Snort on Tru64

Brandon Saunders brandon.a.saunders.1 at ...1872...
Tue Mar 25 06:54:08 EST 2003

I am currently working to get Snort 1.9.1 to work on Tru64 5.1a, and am 
getting a great deal of alignment errors which are related to the 64 bit 

Snort 1.8b1 was supplied with the Tru64 5.1B Open Source Software 
Collection. It works, but core dumps after a few minutes in operation and 
has several known issues.

Does anyone have a version of Snort later than 1.8.1 working on Tru64 or 
any other 64-bit operating system?

Thank You,

Brandon Saunders
Senior Network Engineer
Ohio University Communication Network Services
Email: brandon.a.saunders.1 at ...1873...
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