[Snort-devel] Current 2.0 and Sourcefire's Testing Methods

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Mon Mar 24 05:47:25 EST 2003

Yes, we will do a paper on the subject soon.  

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> Greetings,
>   I was at Marty's recent talk in Chicago.  It was fun, thanks for
> making the effort, Sourcefire folks.  While there, I'd asked what
> version of snort Sourcefire uses in production products.  Is there any
> plan to make that public, say on the website, perhaps, "Sourcefire
> snort 2.0 build 52 in its IDS products"?  Perhaps an official 2.0
> release is pending?
>   Also, what do you think about publishing Sourcefire's methodologies
> for testing snort's performance.  That is, there are various metrics
> given for each Sourcefire platform, "This box can handle 20 Mbits,
> this box can handle 100 Mbits" etc.  I'm curious how you arrive at
> numbers.  There are many archived discussions regarding testing
> performance, I'm wondering what Sourcefire does.  My thought is that
> all might benefit from open discussion of your performance testing.
> Your thoughts?
> Matt
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