[Snort-devel] v2 mem usage chages?

Rich Adamson radamson at ...442...
Tue Mar 18 09:09:12 EST 2003

> > Interesting... I turned those options off; now it consumes 65 meg
> > after a restart! Seems rather odd.
> Try adding:
> 	config detection: mwm
> vs.
> 	config detection: ac
> By doing that you're changing from the new detection engine (mwm) to the
> older one (ac).  And yes, those letters mean something--I just can't
> recall all the names right now.  Aho-Corsac and <something> else.  :)

Can you check that syntax. Both forms above are rejected with
  (34)=> 'mwm is an invalid option to the config detection


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