[Snort-devel] Open Source Help

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Mon Mar 3 06:02:59 EST 2003

We are a group of computer science students in Lome (west africa) who are
attempting to create a MSM(managed security Monitoring) open-source software.
Our main aim is to create a software that business's in Togo/ghana seeking
the high level of real-time monitoring provided by large companies like
counterpane.com and symantec can implement without paying the extortionate

Thus we have extensive programming knowledge we do not have the security
based experience and would like to seek help in doing the specification
side ie supposed objects,processes,protocols etc to be monitored in order
to allow us to begin on the program.,

As to operating system we plan on implementing the software for Linux based

As a better guide of what we hope to achieve please visit either Counterpane.com
or http://www.wizardsecurity.net/monitoring/counterpane%20architecture.jpg

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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