[Snort-devel] Header mixup Bug in Snort 2.0?

Tony Lill ajlill at ...267...
Mon Jun 23 06:32:08 EDT 2003

Worse than that, it will also stitch together packets from different
TCP streams, and then alert on them. Check the dumps on all your
'Gnutella GET' errors. I get lots with say, a couple of web requests
and part of a mail message all supposedly from the same
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>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Norman <erik.norman at ...2028...> writes:

    Erik> Hi all,

    Erik> I've run across some faulty reporting, where a certain packet correctly
    Erik> generates an alarm, but where the header information (IP, ports etc) are
    Erik> from another packet! It's a Bad Thing. Since i'm also have a complete
    Erik> tcpdump log of everything, i feel rather sure what i'm talking about.

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