[Snort-devel] extend rules options to check tcp win size

m.stiefenhofer at ...2049... m.stiefenhofer at ...2049...
Mon Jun 23 04:46:08 EDT 2003


I've read some interesting article about 55808 Trojans 
(http://www.intrusec.com/55808.html). At the moment it seems impossible to 
scan for traffic caused by those trojans, because snort does not feature 
rules that check for a specific TCP win size.

A quick check on our outside network shows a lot of traffic caused by 
these trojans:
tcpdump "tcp[14:2]=55808" (around one packet per second).

Although the specific trojan which has been analyzed seems more like a 
proof of concept, I guess more of those 3rd generation trojans will soon 

Hase someone ever thought about extending snorts capabilities to check the 
win size?

Best regards
Marek Stiefenhofer

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