AW: [Snort-devel] TAP usage

Poppi, Sandro Sandro.Poppi at ...1204...
Tue Jun 17 06:16:18 EDT 2003

Paul, you asked about TAPs yesterday and got 2 answers (see
<> &r=1&w=2). It is
of course necessary to reassemble the 2 splitted data streams from the Taps.
This can be achieved as suggested yesterday via linux channel bonding (or
the *BSD equivalent), using  a switch with port aggregation and port
mirroring, with special equipment like toplayer switches, or as you've
already tested with  a hub. All have pros and cons. These have also already
been discussed on the snort-users list so give the archives a search ;)

I have setup the router/switch method of connecting a snort sensor, and I
have used the hub method.

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