[Snort-devel] Snort2 tagging

Sean Wheeler s.wheeler at ...2016...
Thu Jun 5 07:45:08 EDT 2003


Is there any documentation besides the source relating to tagging in
snort2.0 ?

I am trying to understand the mechanics behind the referance to the main tag
alert and where event_reference comes into effect there.

My interpretation of what tagging does ( did I get it correct?)
An alert is triggerd based on rule "blah blah", tagging of the next X
packets following from the triggered rule". The tagged packets do not
require that they satisfy the criteria of the rule itself.

Situation :

Snort2 logging to mysql
I would like to display the collection of tagged packets as one event in a

When someone clicks on the event it displays the story arc of the tagged

what I have realised:
Presently each tagged packet is given a unique cid in the event table, which
is a good thing as you can refer to it's payload uniquely etc.
If I expand the schema and write the event_reference to the event table
aswell, I notice the following. ( hoping that this would identify which tag
belongs to which alert)

unique alert = event_reference as even number.
following tag packet = event_reference as incremented by 3.
tag end = event_reference increments by 7.
when snort is restarted it begins at 0 value for event_reference

however triggering of simultaneous tagged alerts, makes a whole party out of
the above figuring out ;)

In all honesty I do not understand the tagging mechanics in snort2 in order
to implement my situation mentioned above.
I am looking for documentation regarding the above or any comments from the
"enlightened ones" which would steer me in the correct direction.

Look forward to your responses


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