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i didn?t think if that.


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>On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Mario Ohnewald wrote:
>> Found it!!
>You're really making a mistake by doing that.
>Instead log to syslog or /var/log/alert and have something like Swatch
>handle the checking and sending of emails.  If you don't you're really
>going to create a problem.  Each time you make a call to system, you're
>running the risk of Snort blocking.  From the man page "...returns after
>the command has been completed."  If you have 4 packets that come in at
>roughly the same time, and all 4 packets generate an alert, you'll end up
>with something like this:  Alert1 is generated, system call, creation of
>a new process, execution of the new process, destruction of process,
>control now returns to Snort where Alert2 is about to be generated.  The
>cycle repeats...  Consider the fact that if you are waiting on a system
>call to return, you're not going to be able to sniff packets.
>By all means do what's best for you and your environment.  Just be
>forewarned that you could really hurt yourself by doing it that way.
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