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Yves Boisjoly Yves.Boisjoly at ...37...
Sat Jul 5 02:22:14 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Chris Green wrote:

CG >Yves Boisjoly <Yves.Boisjoly at ...37...> writes:
CG >
CG >> Hi every one,
CG >>
CG >> This is just to let you know that the first release 1.0 of my project
CG >> "Master-Slave", the dynamic firewall based on the Detection Intrusion 
CG >> System "Snort", is now available on SourceForge.net!
CG >
CG >I'd recommend that you put a description of the software in README
CG >since it's not immediately clear to me what this does.
CG >

French is done, see LISEZMOI :-)

CG >I'd also recommend removing the wav files you have because I doubt you
CG >own the copyrights to them :)
CG >

Done! But I let the related lines in commentary into the script, I want
peoples to know how it could be easy to add computer voices warning them when 
an intrusion is comming ;-)


Yves Boisjoly, Administrateur systèmes UNIX
Yves.Boisjoly at ...37...

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