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Thu Jul 3 06:01:05 EDT 2003

For a while I am Trying to create my own preprocessor. For this reason I need to know how can I get the output of stream4.
as I read into the 6 chapter of snort2 book the is a packet called uber that I should get. I read the code of stream4 and I sow that stream4 sends a stream_pkt to all 
preprocessors but I'm not sure tha this packs contain tha stream data that I need. 
Some test I did sow me that all packets of a stream contain the byte_sent value corectly as the packs added into the stream but the data and dsize all thouse of the original packet and not form stream_packt. 
How do i get the steam data of the stream via a packet (which pack) or via ubi_tree (and how) 

thnks for your help whoever u are.

Keep coding,
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