[Snort-devel] Segfault in 2.0 build 45

Lawrence Reed Lawrence.Reed at ...1489...
Fri Jan 31 10:21:08 EST 2003

This looks like the bug that was fixed in cvs last weekend.  Build 49 I 

Steve Halligan wrote:

>Here is the bt (well part of it at least, I had to do the old
>screen->paper->re-type function)
>#0 0x13e88 in ubi_btFind (RootPtr=0x632f3f20, FindMe=0x2aaf6c0)
>at ubi_BinTree.c:874
>#1 0x14293 in ubi_sbtFind (RootPtr=0x632f3f20, FindMe=0x2aaf6c0)
>at ubi_SplayTree.c:466
>#2 0x3aa66 in StoreStreamPkt (ssn=0x1781f00, p=0xcfbfd250,
>at spp_stream4.c:3488
>#3 0x38a99 in ReassembleStream4 (p=0xcfbfd250) at spp_stream4.c:1751
>#4 0x16a1c in Preprocess (p=0xcfbfd250) at detect.c:98
>#5 0xff8e in ProcessPacket (user=0x0, pkthdr=0x195244, pkt=0x195256 "")
>at snort.c:601
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