[Snort-devel] Suggestion for unknown keywords

Chris Reining creining at ...1802...
Thu Jan 30 22:54:03 EST 2003

> PS: I'm gonna take a look at Snort 1.9 shortly to see what it takes to
> have it read Snort 2.0 rules.

adding byte_jump and byte_test plugins to 1.9 codebase from 1.9cvs:

o cp src/detection-plugins/sp_byte_check.* sp_byte_jump.* to the 1.9
  src/detection-plugins dir
o edit the Makefile.am in the detection-plugins dir
o add the sp_byte* #includes to src/plugbase.c and call their initializer
  functions, ByteTest ByteJump, in InitPlugIns()
o recompile
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