[Snort-devel] Re: OpenBSD 3.2 with multiple logging methods

dreamwvr at ...74... dreamwvr at ...74...
Wed Jan 29 13:18:03 EST 2003

  Decided to try out multiple logging methods for educational purposes. 
FYI Noticed that snortxml segfaults on OpenBSD 3.2 (snort-1.8.6). 

(To reproduce simply uncomment the below and run snort..)
output xml: log, file=/var/log/snortxml

Normally had been really boring and used simply default logging of alerts etc
to flat files? It appears there is no problem in running multiple methods of 
log correct? ie: syslog, tcpdump, [mysql,postgresql], barnyard etc.. right?
Following the mysql example I am able to authenticate which tells me that 
snort is able to connect to sql databases just fine. Is there a postgresql 
example anyone can point to? Would like to be able to map both for dev 
purposes. That way what one tries with mysql is tested as well for postgresql.

Best Regards,
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