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Thu Jan 9 12:06:05 EST 2003

Any chance these will apply to snort current?

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CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/snort
Module name:	snort
Changes by:	roesch at ...1774...	2003/01/09 10:47:12

Modified files:
	.              : Tag: SNORT_1_9 ChangeLog 
	src            : Tag: SNORT_1_9 plugbase.c plugbase.h util.c 
	src/detection-plugins: Tag: SNORT_1_9 sp_ip_proto.c 

Log message:
* src/detection_plugins/sp_ip_proto.c
Changed data references to use the OptFpList context pointer, ip_proto
options can now be stacked

* src/util.h
Added two new basic memory allocation functions, one of which is
built for use with self-preserving Snort modules

* src/plugbase.c
Changed the AddOptFuncToList return to send back the OptFpList
pointer to ease connection of contextual data to the context
pointer for a specific OptFpList node

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