[Snort-devel] snort crashes "icmp unreachable ..."

Hosein Azary-ITRC hba at ...1760...
Sun Jan 5 04:38:03 EST 2003

Hi everybody,
 I've installed Snort 1.9.0(binary) + mysql+acid on windows 2000 platform.
 Snort runs properly and logs to mysql database and I can see them by Acid. Everything is okey but just for a while. 
 After some time Snort stops working and lose packets. When I press any key, snort
 continues working by showing this mesage : "ICMP Unreachable IP short header (1 bytes) ". 
 I know that this error occures in other platforms, but their system doesn't crash and doesn't wait to press a key!
The question is "Why my snort crashes ?" , and " Has this packet been captured correctly ? "
 Could anybody help me ,please?

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