[Snort-devel] snort 2.1.0 compile problem

Chris Reid chris.reid at ...583...
Sun Dec 28 09:09:01 EST 2003

Robert and Frank,

The easiest way to compile snort 2.1.0 under Windows is to use the
"build_releases.bat" file which is found in src\win32\WIN32-Prj.  Edit the
file before you run it, and make sure it calls the correct "vcvars32.bat".
Cygwin is not required, nor is it referenced anywhere in the 2.1.0 snort.mak
/ snort.dsp files.  If you are seeing cygwin-related errors, I'd have to
speculate that it is an environmental issue on your development workstation.

As a side note, if you are experiencing compile issues with
build_releases.bat, open the snort.dsp project in Visual Studio, and select
the menu item Project --> Export Makefile.  This will regenerate "snort.mak"
to ensure it correctly reflects the configuration settings within snort.dsp.

Yesterday I noticed the "stdint.h" issue while compiling under OpenBSD.
Later today I'll commit some changes into the Head branch of snort which
will conditionally include stdint.h.

Chris Reid

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Looks like the source has links to the cygwin compiler that are
expressed when you try to compile with MSVC6. The unresolved links to
stdint.h are pointing into the cygwin path. The released exe's are
non-functional as services. When will the MSVC compile-able source be

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