[Snort-devel] number of packets processed is mis-calculated under Linux

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I skipped over your text briefly, and in my opinion it is largely correct.
It seems to support my interpretation of the 'recv' and 'drop' variables,
which is different from snort's interpration.

I don't agree on this one sentence however:

The linux libpcap subroutine pcap_stats, which calls this system call,
accumulates them so that each call to it returns the grand total since
initializing the ring.

Can you support this claim? I read the 0.7.2 libpcap pcap-linux.c sources,
and found no such "grand totalling" in pcap_stats. To me, it would seem that
the system call results are simply returned without any totalling.


Bart Haagdorens

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If you are running with a bpf filter (on linux) your received count will be
wrong.  On linux filtering is accomplished prior to bumping the received 
count.  Snort should probably keep it's own received (processed) count, as 
tcpdump does, since there could be a number of packets that snort has not
processed when it is asked to dump some stats.

BSD on the other hand filters after bumping the recv'd count.

By rights BSD and Linux stats are comparable only when no filter is applied
and you are running a version of libpcap on linux that maintains running
totals.  This is because the kernel system call for PACKET_STATISTICS on
linux resets the the stats to zero after returning the results.  The BSD
kernel maintains a running total for you.  
A libpcap application should probably watch out for when these totals

Let me know if my cut on the subject at:


has any errors, or could be improved.


On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 12:27:35PM +0100, Bart Haagdorens wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to report a bug in snort's statistics display when processing 
> 'live' traffic on a Linux platform.
> The problem is due to the interpretation of ps_recv and ps_drop 
> returned by pcap-stats. In the libpcap 0.7.2 sourcecode for Linux 
> (pcap-linux.c), line 664, an interesting comment describes the correct 
> interpretation of theses
> numbers:
>  ps_recv "counts all packets handed to the PF_PACKET socket, including 
> packets dropped because there wasn't room on the socket buffer (...)"  
> ps_drop "is incremented for every packet dropped because there's not 
> enough free space in the socket buffer."
> So, the total number of packets that passes the filter is (ps_recv), 
> the number of packets dropped is (ps_drop) and the number of packets 
> that is put into the socket buffer is (ps_recv-ps_drop). We verified 
> this interpretation with some experiments on live traffic.
> The interpretation in snort 2.0.5, util.c, line 917 is clearly wrong:
>             LogMessage("Snort analyzed %d out of %d packets, ", 
>                     ps.ps_recv, ps.ps_recv+ps.ps_drop);
>             if(ps.ps_recv)
>             {
>                 LogMessage("dropping %d(%.3f%%) packets\n\n", 
>                         ps.ps_drop, 
>                         CalcPct( (float) ps.ps_drop, (float)
> (ps.ps_recv+ps.ps_drop) ));
>             }
> The number of dropped packets is already included in ps_recv, but it 
> is added once again! So the statistics count the dropped packets 
> twice, which can be very confusing.
> Correct would be:
>             LogMessage("Snort analyzed %d out of %d packets, ", 
>                     ps.ps_recv-ps.ps_drop, ps.ps_recv);
>             if(ps.ps_recv)
>             {
>                 LogMessage("dropping %d(%.3f%%) packets\n\n", 
>                         ps.ps_drop, 
>                         CalcPct( (float) ps.ps_drop, (float) 
> (ps.ps_recv) ));
>             }
> I don't know how the numbers should be handled on other platforms, but 
> for Linux the current interpretation is clearly mistaken.
> Regards,
> Bart Haagdorens
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