[Snort-devel] Windows NT Snort 2.0.0rc4 Build

Chris Reid Chris.Reid at ...585...
Sun Apr 13 21:25:07 EDT 2003


Just as a point of clarification, the installer configuration script is
actually already checked into CVS.  It can be found in the src/win/Win32-Prj
directory, and uses the NSIS build system from the Winamp developers.  See
the docs in the Win32-Prj/*.nsi file for details.

On this past Thursday the snort 2.0 source code in CVS was updated to rc5
(Win32), and a snort installation executable for Windows will likely be put
onto the snort.org website within the next few days.  But if you're itching
to try the most recent executable before then, you can download it from our


I'd be interested to hear if the error you're encountering still remains
after W2k3 finally ships its official release.  When/if you get a chance to
test this in the future, please let us know.

Chris Reid

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Subject: [Snort-devel] Windows NT Snort 2.0.0rc4 Build

> I've compiled the latest release candidate for Windows.  Here are the
> specs I built it on:
> -OS: Windows 2003 RC2 Enterprise Server, build 3718.
> -Compiler:  Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise.  SP6 Applied.
> Processor Pack applied.  Platform SDK (most recent as of this date)
> -MySQL (mysqlclient.lib) version: 4.1.0-alpha
> -FlexResp
> -MSSQL (snort-mssql.exe binary, ntwdblib.dll provided)
> I tried to keep the package format as similar to the SnortWin32
> installer's as possible, but as you could notice from the link, it's
> compressed as a zip.  Perhaps distributing the install compiler script
> with the source distribution would be a good idea?
> Anyway, as far as bugs go, the only one I've noticed is a illegal access
> error after a Control-C SIGTERM from the console.  This only happens
> when no text is printed to the screen after initialization is complete.
> For example, snort -v, which prints packet readouts to the console after
> initialization, does not die on SIGTERM.  Now, I've had this problem
> with other libnetNT binaries I've compiled, so it's either an inherent
> problem in libnetNT or a problem with my compiler setup.  However, I've
> experienced this error in previous Windows builds of snort that were
> released on the main page.  Perhaps it's just W2k3?  I don't notice it
> on W2K.  Maybe it's time to implement signal handling?  Regardless, it's
> not that large of a problem, and as far as I can tell, it only affects
> W2k3 servers (I've only had builds 3615 Standard and 3718 Enterprise).

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