[Snort-devel] Patch to stop the "Initializing Output plugins!" message in daemon mode

Nick Zitzmann dreamless at ...1522...
Wed Apr 2 11:39:13 EST 2003

Thanks, Chris, for committing that last patch.

I noticed Snort 2.0, when run in daemon mode, was still printing 
"Initializing Output plugins!" when run in daemon mode, like Snort 
1.9.0 did. This didn't happen in Snort 1.9.1, and looking at the 
source, it appears that the call was moved in 1.9.1 but it wasn't in 

So here's a patch that moves InitOutputPlugins() to the part after the 
daemon fork (stolen from the 1.9.1 source code <;*) ), which silences 
the message. I recompiled and tested it out, and nothing broke for 
me... Enjoy.

Nick Zitzmann
AIM/iChat: dragonsdontsleep
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"Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same 
thing." - Metal Gear Solid 2
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