[Snort-devel] config not parsing right in /etc/snort.conf

Alberto Gonzalez ag-snort at ...1576...
Tue Sep 17 10:51:02 EDT 2002


I was reading the manual, on page 10 it states that I can specify config 
<directive>[: <value> ] and page 11 has the directive's
this is supposed to be placed in the configuration file ( 
/etc/snort.conf ). I'm trying to set the following:

config interface: fxp0
config daemon         ( I don't know what value to set to it )

This is OpenBSD 3.1 and Snort 1.9.0beta6. I didn't compile snort with 
--enable-debug. I'm seeing if someone has encountered the same
problems with snort.  This beats having a thousand command line switches 
if you ask me. Thanks in advance

"I'm in a place where I don't know where I am!" --Homer Simpson

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