[Snort-devel] Hi !! I'm new to the list.

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This isn't really a problem you solve in C code, Look into ssh and using scp to copy the text files, then using ssh to kill snort and restart it. This is easiest if you are using a unix based system.

The rule set in the database is only used by the reporting frontend not by snort.

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  Hello everybody ,

  I'm glad to join the list. I am a freelancer developing a customised front-end to Snort. I have just started and have gone thru most of the documentation available on the site.

  My problem is that I cannot make out how I can add or modify the Snort rule set over a remote connection to the machine having Snort installed and working. I would be thankful if some of u wise people cud please give me a small 10-15 line sample code in C++ demonstrating how a rule cud be added/deleted/modified. Just a small snipet wud. If u can add a little description, it wud a bonus :))

  Have a nice day.

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