[Snort-devel] Snort Bug - Promiscuous mode, Linux daemon

Jon Hedlund JonH at ...1658...
Thu Oct 31 19:32:02 EST 2002

In snort.c in the current release package 
/* $Id: snort.c,v 1.157 2002/09/25 19:56:53 chrisgreen Exp $ */
the comment at line 288 indicates that the daemon forking code has 
to be executed before the interface is opened, but in the current 
code it is being opened earlier, in line 229. 
I'm seeing this problem on a Red-Hat 7.3 machine with kernel 
2.4.18-3, in console mode it works fine, but when -D is specified it 
toggles the interface in and out of promiscuous mode and leaves it 
in non-promiscuous mode.  There is a current thread on snort-
users, subject: Promiscuous mode, where several others describe 
the same problem.


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