[Snort-devel] A modest proposal - iODBC

Nick Zitzmann dreamless at ...1522...
Mon Oct 28 17:05:20 EST 2002

This is mainly a question for Roman et al.:

As some of you know, and some others don't know, there are two 
competing ODBC libraries for Unix - unixODBC and iODBC. They both do 
the same thing, and they have the same API, but they have different 
licenses and iODBC has some front ends (GTK, Cocoa, etc.). More about 
iODBC here: <http://www.iodbc.org/>

Since they both have the same ODBC API and have nearly identical header 
files, I've found that if I hack Snort's configure script to look for 
"libiodbc" and link to library "iodbc" instead of "libodbc" and "odbc", 
then run it with --enable-odbc and build, I get a copy of Snort that 
uses iODBC. No errors are generated.

What would it take to get this into the main distribution? I suppose I 
could provide a patch...

Nick Zitzmann
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