[Snort-devel] bugs in 1.9.0

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Fri Oct 25 11:42:03 EDT 2002


I got the same thing with the win32 port. (v1.9.0 schema 106) I modified
the table schema to allow for NULLs in that field, and it allowed the
INSERT statement to the sensor table.


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The file snml.dtd is not in CVS or in a distribution package included - 
but it is mentioned in contrib/README.

now the bigger problem:

When i recreate the database from scratch with schema v106 (postgresql) 
the column last_cid is added to table sensors. BUT when i start snort 
with an empty database the database plugin wants to insert a sensor 
into the sensor table without setting last_cid. BUT last_cid is defined 
as NOT NULL. Has nobody seen the problem???

thomas kotzian, thomas.kotzian at ...1649...

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