[Snort-devel] memory usage and snort-1.9.0

phil at ...1642... phil at ...1642...
Fri Oct 25 08:52:03 EDT 2002

Okay, I have had snort running now for ~ 2 days, and
it is showing heap allocation of 25008k and rss of 4644k.

So, what we seem to have here is fragmentation, which
can be caused by even a very tiny memory leak depending
on how memory is allocated and managed.

I will try and prepare a bug report with a driver script that
causes and monitors this behaviour this weekend.

Maybe it's the particular version of pcap I'm using, even.

Ahh! Ahh! Look at that... a robots.txt alert just caused memory
to go to 25260 and 4908 rss.  Wild.

I need to disable that robots.txt alert.

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