[Snort-devel] Rule building gui ?

phil at ...1642... phil at ...1642...
Thu Oct 24 09:30:11 EDT 2002

What does it do, remove the warning that you are running windows:

[**] [1:666:2] BRAIN-DAMAGED OS with ttl: 1 min. and no authority [**]
[Classification: Seriously Bad Juju] [Priority: 666]
10/23-13:18:53.908519 ->
URP! TTL:62 TOS:0x0 ID:0 IpLen:20 DgmLen:76 DF
Len: ;^)

Dell, Jeffrey wrote:
> You can checkout IDS Policy Manager at www.activeworx.com. It is a windows
> GUI that helps manage snort rules.

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