[Snort-devel] Objections to removing configure/Makefile.ins from HEAD

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Wed Oct 23 00:31:01 EDT 2002

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Or perhaps we could find some common ground between where we are now and 
completely cleaning things up?

A shell script would be sufficient to hide this from the user, but we'd 
require them to have automake and autoconf installed.

Exactly what would the plan be?

- -Jeff

- --On Tuesday, October 22, 2002 22:07:43 -0400 "Andrew R. Baker" 
<andrewb at ...835...> wrote:

> Chris Green wrote:
>> Anyone object to removing a lot of the autoconf generated cruft from
>> the HEAD of CVS?  This makes one have to run all the aclocal cruft but
>> it keeps us from committing the same junk over and over withonly
>> minute autogenerated changes that might only serve to cause headaches
>> between various versions of autoconf between systems.
> As long as we document that to build from CVS one will now need to run:
>    aclocal
>    autoheader
>    automake
>    autoconf
> before running ./configure, I am all for it.
> -A
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