[Snort-devel] Bus Error with snort-1.9, Solaris, Sparc

Chris Green cmg at ...835...
Tue Oct 22 19:06:01 EDT 2002

David Deaves <David.Deaves at ...1624...> writes:

> Snort 1.9 compiling fine but soon after starting up,
> it exits with a Bus Error and Core dump.

Ahh hah. Thanks for pin pointing.  SPARC_TWIDDLE is a kludge and
always has been.  I'd rather not push this kludge through again to
many parts of the system. Perhaps we should create a memory buffer to
copy things to and decode that packet area and do a singlur twiddle.

We do this already for the stream packet. the build path you are
looking at I *think* is the one where we say "hey, we already acked
Chris Green <cmg at ...402...>
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