[Snort-devel] old problem seems back

Chris Green cmg at ...835...
Thu Oct 17 09:22:05 EDT 2002

"Lawrence Reed" <Lawrence.Reed at ...1489...> writes:

> This sounds like a problem I had in the 1.9.0beta? releases.  The work
> around was to disable spp_portscan2.  Now that I am running 2.0 I am
> having the problem again.  Disabling spp_portscan2 again fixes it.  As a
> better solution I am currently running 2.0 with the spp_portscan2.c file
> from 1.9.0.  No problems yet.

They should be identical aside from error strings that were cleaned up
a bit throughout the project.

There is probably still the same bug as I've only committed one fix to
portscan2 of recently.
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