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Thu Oct 17 08:42:03 EDT 2002

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This sounds like a problem I had in the 1.9.0beta? releases.  The work
around was to disable spp_portscan2.  Now that I am running 2.0 I am
having the problem again.  Disabling spp_portscan2 again fixes it.  As a
better solution I am currently running 2.0 with the spp_portscan2.c file
from 1.9.0.  No problems yet.

Kreimendahl, Chad J wrote:

|I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this in the past, but for us
|it's come back again.  There is a system on which we run multiple
|instances of snort, some of which get high amounts of packets flying
|their way every so often.  If the CPU utilization is at 100% for
|extended periods of time, one or several of the snort processes will
|begin to hijack the CPU and try to steal ALL of its cycles.  Currently
|it's not based on whether or not it was the snort that started the CPU
|usage with all the packets, it's just random.  Now, I say this having to
|note one other thing.  Along with this wonderful use of resources comes
|a failing of snort to log any of the alerts.
|We had this problem in the past and at some point in the stages between
|1.8.x and 1.9 it went away.  The only changes we've made is to change
|the binary to v2 beta... And add the two config file lines:
|config detection: no_stream_inserts, search-method mwm
|preprocessor HttpFlow: ports 80 3128 8080 depth 255
|Any code get left in sourcefires set unupdated from the other changes
|going on? Anything (debugging, stats output, stuff like that) we can do
|to help?
|On the good side of things:  The load on our systems was cut in half or
|third of what is commonly seen, as well as many other improvements, such
|as CPU utilization.  
|Anyway, it all seems somewhat random, this occurrence... And we'd be
|more than willing to help by changing some things and testing.  Would be
|curious to hear if anyone else has experienced a problem such as this.
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