[Snort-devel] Minor bug in CreatePidFile()

Chris Green cmg at ...835...
Wed Oct 16 06:39:03 EDT 2002


Cameron Humphries <chumphries at ...1622...> writes:

> Snort version: 1.9.0 (Thu Oct 3 21:03:18 2002 GMT)
> CreatePidFile() uses an uninitialized local variable (log_dir) when creating the path 
> to the PID file rather than the variable pv_log.dir.
> From memory this problem was fixed somewhere in the 1.8.x era but seems to 
> have crept back in.

That would make sense because 1.9 diverged from 1.8 around 1.8.1 or so


> Context diff included below.

In the future, (for all of snort-devel) diff -Nu is atleast my
prefered way to look at patches :)

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