[Snort-devel] Snort doesnt log in *hdr tables

Rok Erjavec Rok.Erjavec at ...1620...
Mon Oct 14 02:47:01 EDT 2002

I was playing a little using 1.9.0 version and used logging into MSSQL
server, but
it doesnt log headers into *hdr tables. I checked source and there are
INSERT statements
to use those tables, so i guess i am doing something wrong, but i was
unable to find
what... any help?
Allso there are some bugs with using transactions with MSSQL;
one is in [spo_database, 816];
Insert("BEGIN", data); //should be Insert("TRANSACTION BEGIN", data);
... but after fixing it there was problems with BEGIN -> COMMIT pairs,
so i kicked transactions
Another problem is with one of #ifndef MSSQL as it should be #ifdef, but
as i allready changed the
source, i cant remember where it was :D
Some problems allso with flexresp release configurations as snort throws
exception in release after
using /? (!!!) switch, but it doesnt happen with debug version. Allso it
doesnt happen with release version
with Generate Debug Info turned on...
I dont know how is with other compilers, but MSVC++ have to nice macros
__FILE__ and __LINE__ that
can be used for easyer tracking where errors happened... it would be
nice to use it :D
Another one is to create (again for windows) dynamical add-in loading
with dll librarys as it is annoying as
hell to rebuild whole source to change lets say different sql server.
Best regards,
Rok Erjavec
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