[Snort-devel] spo_SnmpTrap.

Andrew Hood ajhood at ...1595...
Fri Oct 11 01:19:04 EDT 2002

Glenn Mansfield Keeni wrote:

> Hi,
>    The net-snmp support for the snortSnmp plugin ran into
> some rough weather - the port specification convention has
> changed, the community specification convention has changed
> and the default port selection logic seems to be buggy in the
> present net-snmp release (5.0.5).
>    A patch for the spo_SnmpTrap plugin has been readied - this
> will work with minimal changes to your snort.conf. There is only
> one change - if you are using v2c then the community MUST be
> specified using the '-c <community>' option BEFORE the
> snmptraplistener address. [Community after the snmptraplistener
> address will not be accepted]
>    The comments in the snort.conf and the explanation in the
> doc/README.SNMP have been updated to that effect. The patch is
> available on
> http://www.cysol.co.jp/contrib/snortsnmp/SnortSnmpPatch-1.9.0-01.gz

Having looked at the patch, I don't think this is the way to go. Rather 
than duplicate the function of snmp_parse_args it would be much cleaner 
to bite the bullet and force people to fix their snort.conf. They 
already have to fix the community string for SNMP version 1 or 2c.

"udp:hostname.some.org:snmptrap" should be a legal destination string 
for net-snmp. Do you really want to duplicate the code to allow for all 
possible parses?

The issue of not being able to deal with colon separated IPv6 addresses 
should be referred to the net-snmp list. They will need to deal with 
this. I will submit this question to them

It is quite possible net-snmp will find some new use for the p option. 
Maybe it will need to be reused to cope with IPv6.


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