[Snort-devel] RE: Snort 2.0 HttpFlow configuration (and other syntax)

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...835...
Thu Oct 10 14:37:01 EDT 2002

Kreimendahl, Chad J wrote:
> Is the standard for preprocessors going to be to separate the individual
> args (and args values) by commas?  Just curious cause as I was modifying
> the config for our sensors, I noticed that some preprocessors don't use
> commas to separate infomration (HttpFlow, http_decode)... While some do
> (stream4, portscan2).  Was thinking about this from the standpoint of
> making loading of the config from the database an easier task than is
> currently made by different standards for different config and
> preprocessor options.

Each of the preprocessors (and output plugins) can have a unique way of 
specifying arguments.  We are fixing this issue, but it is not ready for 
release yet.


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