[Snort-devel] XML Parser Class, Complete XML Log Parser for the PIG

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Wed Nov 20 18:06:02 EST 2002

Hello everyone :

 my first post on the snort mailing list. great tools, thanks to everyone who made is happen.
I was curious if there are parsers or log viewers for XML logs produced by snort? if the xml output format is popular? if people would like to have such a tool if it doesnt already exist?

I wrote such a thing, it is still in the work, it correctly parses the XML log and display it in a grid, few touchups need to happen then I am going to release all sources.

 I am planning on continuing developing it if people needs such a thing. it is Win32 based but can be easily ported to linux ( Borland is my DE)

I appreciate any and all feedbacks.


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