[Snort-devel] Email Alerts through MYSQL not with syslog ..?

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this is more to do with how *you* want to use Snort.

write a script (perl, python, shell etc) to generate the email based on the
criteria you want from Snort alerts in your MySQL database.
then put it into crontab and schedule it for the interval(s) that you want.
Peter Moore
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Hi All,

Can anyone help me in getting this problem solved.

I want that the alerts are emailed using the database MYSQL and not with

There is snortsnarfdb, which is now using the database instead of syslog to
generate the HTML report. I think that there may be some tool by which we
can configure the email alerting through database MYSQL.


Regards and have a nice day,

Atul Shrivastava

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