[Snort-devel] Content Inspection not working

Atul Shrivastava atul_iet at ...398...
Wed Nov 13 01:30:02 EST 2002

Hi All,

I have a problem regarding content inspection of SMTP
traffic. I have made the following rule, but only one
host is getting logged and that is some other machine.
Can anyone help me in this issue.

alert tcp any any -> any 25( sid: 1000001; rev: 1;
msg: "Content resume found in the mail"; flow:
to_server,established; content:"resume";)

When I test it from different hosts then only one host
gets logged, the others gets unlogged. They all are
from the same hub.

Thanks in advance.


Regards and have a nice day,

                           Atul Shrivastava



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