[Snort-devel] SNORT Performance Issues !!!!!!!!

Atul Shrivastava atul_iet at ...398...
Tue Nov 12 02:10:07 EST 2002

Hi All, 
Can anyone tell me that what is the  minimum hardware
configuration requirement for Snort to run on a Redhat
LINUX v7.3 machine. 

I think the following requirement is sufficient: 
For a 100 Mbps ethernet card:  Pentium P III processor
with 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of Scsi Hard Disk 
For Gigabit ethernet card: Pentium P III processor
with 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of Scsi Hard Disk 

Can anyone give me views regarding that. 
Whether this confoguration is correct or need to be

I also what to know that if we put less RAM (let say
128 MB), then can the snort will not be able to accept
all the attempts because in my case, it is happening.
I drop down my RAM to 64 MB and I see that there are
too many alerts that got  droped. Why I don't know....

So please tell me that is there any critical point
after which snort starts droping the alerts. 

Also I want to know that what is the difference
between the "alerts" and "log" keyword in the Output
Plugin of the SnortCenter Management Console ......? 

Thanks in advance 




Regards and have a nice day,

                           Atul Shrivastava



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