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Mon Nov 11 03:44:02 EST 2002

Hi All,

Is there any thing that can generate user friendly report, because the ACID does not provide a report format in a single page. Can you give me the links for that. I want that it can provide all the important things in one or two page document and also I want that it is also mailed to some specified mail account. How can we configure it. 
 I want that there is some reporting software that can generate a MS WORD document. Is it possible to generate a html report and then create a PDF document from it. The are free tools that can generate pdf documents on linux. I want that it is a very summarized report so that some higher personal can read it in a very short time.

Also one more query that how can we configure so that some of the 
specified alerts (let say that incorrect telnet login, or something else) 
are directly mailied to a specified mail account throuch some mail 
server. We have our own mail server, so can now it be possible that we create a mail account on our mail server and then we configure the linux machine such that when a specified alert is generated then immediately it is mailed to that account. This I think is a easy way to handle higher priority alerts because the administrtor is not always be able to see the ACID alert console, but he may be able to see his/her mails regularly. 
So please think over it and give me reply. 
Thanks in advance.

Regards and have a nice day, 
                                          Atul Shrivastava 

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