[Snort-devel] CPU killing in build 24

Jens Krabbenhoeft tschenz-snort-devel at ...1606...
Thu Nov 7 08:53:09 EST 2002


> snort2s.  Yesterday we compiled and installed snort2 build 24 on our
> test systems... And discovered that after a random period of time
> (usually greater than a few minutes), the snort2-24 was sucking down
> every ounce of CPU it could get, while not processing any incoming data.

As reported yesterday I have the same problem (since build23). I think I
used build 15(?) before - and that build ran stable.

I'm still trying to investigate the reason for that, but running in gdb
is not the solution :|, and my harddisk is not big enough to write
pcap-files of the x hours traffic till snort stops :|.

Any hints on howto debug the problem? 

	Jens :)

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