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Wed Nov 6 03:11:06 EST 2002

Hi All,

I have already done whatever is written in the pdf named "Enterprise Snort v 2.0" . Now I will tell you my problem in detail.

When I click on the Graph Alert Data link in the Acid Main page, then a form comes which i have to fill and when I click on the "Graph Alerts" then the following error comes:

There are two options fot the data source, when I select the first one then the error is:

No AG was selected for the data source.No AG was specified, DATA SOURCE IS EMPTY . 


And when I select the second one then the error is:

No AG was selected for the data source. Database ERROR:Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL syntax near '\'.$myrow[0].\' AND ( UNIX_TIMESTAMP(timestamp) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2002-11-0 ' at line 1 

When I print the data_source variable the for the first option is gives:

data_source =                               (nothing)

and for the second option it gives:

data_source = \'.$myrow[0].\'


Now can you tell me what the problem is and how can I solve it.

Thanks in advance.


Regards and have a nice day,

                                              Atul Shrivastava




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