[Snort-devel] Passive mapper

Burak DAYIOGLU dayioglu at ...287...
Tue May 28 00:08:01 EDT 2002

I was out of town so this is a late answer. :)

I have implemented passive operating system detection as a preprocessor
plugin among with a processor plugin to handle attack and destination os
mismatches. According to my experiences, the plugin suite resulted in some
12% decrease in the total number of alerts. I believe that such "target 
prior knowledge significantly increases the NIDS's efficiency. A service map
among with an inventory of the installed network service software would go
much better than my first attempt with os mismatch detection.

You can check http://www.dayioglu.net/publications/thesis.pdf and
http://www.dayioglu.net/publications/iscis2001.pdf .

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