[Snort-devel] Réf:snort core dump with multiples DOS

axel.letourneur at ...1289... axel.letourneur at ...1289...
Thu May 16 05:24:02 EDT 2002

I use :
rpm lipcap
on linux kernel 2.4.17 on RH 7.1 on a pentium III à 730 Mhz with 128 Mo of RAM

(See attached file: trace-snort.gdb)

Chris Green <cmg at ...402...> sur 16/05/2002 13:30:52

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axel.letourneur at ...1289... writes:

> I started snort with :
> ./snort -c ./rules/snort.conf -l log/ -h X.X.X.X/24 -D
> X.X.X.X is my class C network
> do you want I send you the core dump ?

In the BUGS file is instructions for doing a backtrace with GDB.  I
would like to see that if possible.  Please keep the core around in
case I would like you to enter any other commands to gdb when I see
what the backtrace is.

Chris Green <cmg at ...402...>
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