[Snort-devel] Stream4 oddity2

Chris Green cmg at ...402...
Mon May 13 04:28:04 EDT 2002

Pascal Bouchareine <pb at ...858...> writes:

> Same here.
> I had a quick look to the code, the if (s4data.evasion_alert or alike..)
> is present for *most* alerts. However, despite my disable_ev._alerts,
> this still screams.. Gnhi ?

Fix applied to both branches.

> With an asymetric routing scheme and no state exchange between my sensors,
> this gives a *lot* (4000, 5000 per minute) of alerts of this kind.
> We will definitively need a way to mute this as code gets tuned,
> maybe with some degree of details [as far as this alerts on, say, a TTL 
> change, which here is not wanted].

set ttl_limit to 0 and you shouldn't be alerted to those
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