[Snort-devel] CVS snafu?

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...835...
Mon May 13 04:20:07 EDT 2002


The patch to modify -z under the head branch seems to have been
backported to the SNORT_1_8 tagged code.

The confusion lies in the fact that the patch I sent for 1.9x has been
applied into the 1.8 code such that users are now going "WTF?" when -z
stopped taking arguments under 1.8.x.

The FAQ update I sent in was for head branch only.  However the changes
to 1.8 crept in, we should back them out.  So, Alberto was correct in
wanting to change the source to accept arguments but Chris was more
correct in saying something's "crept in".

It looks as though revision of snort.c comitted by Chris is
where the change occurred.

So, I'll defer to Chris as to how to proceed.


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