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Dear All,
I'm looking for master thesis/project in related topics of computer security espacial IDS(snort).
I would like to know have anyone develop Program/Deamon to monitoring and share knowledge between snorts?
Has anyone developed AI to work with snort?

Dejchai S.
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Not to stomp on anyone's toes, but do not commit or apply Alberto's
patch to modify -z back to accepting arguments.

The modification was done on purpose as ASSURE_ALL is the proper default
and -z should switch to ASSURE_EST.

I sent in the original patch on 3/5 and it was committed though I
neglected to updated the FAQ.

For versions 1.9 and greater, -z all is assumed by default now.  If you
want -z est behavior, -z is all that is necessary.

I've also sent an update to the FAQ.  Commit at will.


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