[Snort-devel] Error on 1.8.7beta2 (Build 114) (Immediate exit after initialization)

Rob Hughes rob at ...825...
Sat May 11 18:15:01 EDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 14:37, James Hoagland wrote:
> The problem is that you are you using some of Spade's "modules" 
> without using Spade itself (which does the necessary initialization). 
> That is, you didn't include a 'preprocessor spade:' line, but you did 
> have 'preprocessor spade-*:' lines.  Add the 'preprocessor spade:' 
> line and your problem should go away.

*Kicks self hard*

I must've missed that when I ported over the new config file. In looking
at it again, I realized that I had also left out the var for SPADEDIR,
which I distinctly remember setting to /var/log/spade at one point. No
wonder the bloody thing wouldn't run. I'm surprised it didn't spit in my
face. Oh well, sometime another pair of eyes, live 'n learn, yada yada


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