[Snort-devel] barnyard future / snort-stable branch

Alberto Dainotti alberto at ...68...
Wed May 8 13:06:55 EDT 2002

On Wed, 8 May 2002, Chris Green wrote:

> > Sources from snort-stable snapshots come from another repository with
> > other branches. So it's not possible to track the stable branch by cvs
> > etc...
> > In my opinion this creates difficulties for developers who want to code
> > additions or modules for snort while tracking stable branch.
> > Is there a reason for making the branching of snort not publicly
> > accessible ?
> It is publically available in the SNORT_1_8 branch.

Ooops, now I see them.. I was looking in the /src directory
while all the files where in the Attic of / dir :-)
Sorry !
But why do you keep the same files of different branches on
different directories ? (files in / are also in  /src /rules etc...)

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