[Snort-devel] barnyard future / snort-stable branch

Alberto Dainotti alberto at ...68...
Wed May 8 10:59:29 EDT 2002

Is it possible to know something about the future of barnyard ?
I see it is no more GPL'd , but will it remain opensource ?
Do you still expect contributions (fixes, improvements, bug alerts..)
from the community ?

Also I'd like to know more about another subject, but I apologize
before if I'm missing something or if the subject has been discussed
it seems that the snort CVS repository on sourceforge is not the only one.
Sources from snort-stable snapshots come from another repository with
other branches. So it's not possible to track the stable branch by cvs
In my opinion this creates difficulties for developers who want to code
additions or modules for snort while tracking stable branch.
Is there a reason for making the branching of snort not publicly
accessible ?
Does actually the sourceforge cvs repository track just the development
version of snort ?

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